Friday, 22 March 2019

Graphic Designing Training in Nagpur

                                             Graphic Designing Training in Nagpur

Graphic designing is the work of an ARTIST! And we at Digital Trainee discover one from you! Graphics are the intuitive part of any print or electronic media. For this, we need software’s like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator & Adobe after Effects.

A graphic designer is probably the most valued person in the world of advertising today. Especially, in this era of web and social media. After all, it’s all about the visual appeal. If you are the one who knows this art, then you can bring the whole world at your feet. The job of a graphic designer is exactly the same.
Graphic Designing Training in Nagpur:
Graphics design is the process of developing dazzling visuals that interest to the eyes and brain of your targeted users. Our course is designed in such a manner that one will figure out how to make every single complex component look great and function as expected. OSK IT SOLUTIONS has a completely dedicated team to work the graphics department. The team makes sure that the syllabus is revised and the assignments are updated as per the industry trends. OSK IT SOLUTIONS is one such institute of Graphic Designing Training in Nagpur which understands the importance of a sound conceptual knowledge and also of the necessary skills required to be a professional graphic designer.

We at Digital Trainee, show you the way to lift the general experience of the viewers with the help of a rich visual experience. Training on powerful software’s such as Photoshop, Corel Draw and Illustrator gives one the edge to put his musings on paper as designs and wire frames. In our graphic designing courses in Nagpur students will be given challenging real world projects and assignments typical of the graphic design industry.

1.       Learning new techniques and skills.
2.       Read, understand as well as communicate in the language of graphic design.
3.       Use technologies like Photoshop, Illustrator, and Internet Explorer.
4.       Students will learn to show positive work behavior.
5.       Students will learn to solve problems by critical thinking.

What Will You Learn
  • Elements of Design
  • Principles of Design
  • Typography
  • Creating images for print & web
  •  Editing Images
  • Making Creative Illustrations
Software’s you learn
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Corel Draw
  • Adobe In Design
Graphic Designing Training in Nagpur is Suitable for Students who love Creative work or Passionate about Creativity & great at the imagination.

After completing Graphic Designing Courses in Nagpur you will have the knowledge and skill to pursue professional careers as graphic designers, typographers, illustrators, storyboard artists, print and layout designers.

OSK IT SOLUTIONS deliver multiple graphic designing related services like Logo Design, Brand Design, Info graphic, Digital Illustration, Motion Graphics, Visiting card designing, flyers designing, animated GIF, video designing, brochure designing, Letterhead designing, , Envelope designing, Banner Designing, Promotional Design etc. With our graphic iconic service we help you to connect with comprehensive design and artistic expression that shapes content, grow business and diversify opportunity.

Join our graphics designing courses in Nagpur, if you wish to enter into the graphics designing industry that has a lot to offer. Creative ideas, designing, digital media form the core pillars of this graphics designing training program. Join this course and pursue your dream.

Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Live Project Training In Nagpur

Live Project Training in Nagpur

OSK IT SOLUTIONS offers the best Live Project Training in Nagpur. All our courses are trained by well experienced real time faculty. Leveraging the practice of developing cutting edge technology solutions for clients over the years, the company created its IT Training division intended to deliver modern day training programs on domains like Web designing, Graphic Designing, Digital Marketing, PHP, Advance PHP, HTML5 and AngularJS, Wordpress, CakePHP, Codeignitor, HR Training etc.
At OSK IT SOLUTIONS, we take you and treat you not as a student pursuing a course but as prospective job seeker and therefore we train you not only in the latest technology areas but also instill you with the extraordinary skills to meet the job market with power and confidence.

OSK IT SOLUTIONS offers best live project training in Nagpur; provide three month or six months Training to all graduate and post graduate Students on IT Live Projects. We give practical project based training to all Students to enable them to get hand on the latest technologies. We consider in the training that not only meets but exceeds professional training standards. We believe in proactive, innovative, practical training methods that work in the real world.

We have dedicated teams to teach students in Web Designing Training, PHP Training, Digital Marketing Training, HR Training, Graphic Designing Training. Here, you will experience the Complete Project under the guidance of an expert who has lots of experience working in Development on various projects.
Our Live project Training has the benefits for all and will impart in you the confidence one would need to simply go ahead and start working on projects in the very first job and impress your co-workers.

We always have been in the forefront when it comes to guiding and tracking a student’s talent in the right direction. In today’s time grabbing the correct job is most crucial, and therefore one needs to represent all the skills and positive attributes about oneself.

Live project training in Nagpur is such an opportunity which makes you learn the practical aspects after the completion of your theoretical training sessions. You are offered to learn nuts and bolts of designing and development.

Following are a few benefits you can get by joining our live project training program.

·        Provide a chance to work with industry experts on real-time projects of clients
·        Learn latest web designing technologies and tools
·        Give the opportunity to know about the best web designing techniques applied by experts for fast and efficient designing process.
·        Increase your chance of getting placed in a reputed IT firm.
·        Provide the opportunity to utilize class room knowledge in satisfying clients through designing and developing a customized website.
·        Live project training in Nagpur will teach you to implement theoretical concepts and hence will give you better comprehending of what you might have come across in your classroom training sessions.
·        Provide project training certificate which eases the process of getting placed in a firm.

·        Better learning within minimum time frame.

Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Hr Training in Nagpur

Hr Training in Nagpur

What is Human Resource?
Human resources are used to describe both the people who work for a company or organization and the department for managing resources related to employees. Human resource management implies both strategic and comprehensive approaches to managing people, as well as workplace culture and environment.
Today’s human resource management team is responsible for much additional than traditional personnel or administrative tasks. Members of a human resource management team are extra focused on adding value to the strategic utilization of employees and ensuring that employee programs are impacting the business in positive and measurable ways.

HR is a very challenging career option moreover it is one the pillars of an organization. His role is to coordinate with different departments and work towards the goals of the organization. The HR is the captain of the ship who manages the ship and helps the organization to reach the shore. HR plays numerous roles in the organization like recruitment, employee engagement, training and development, payroll management, staffing, compensation and benefits, employee safety and security, strategic management and other aspects that helps the organization to grow.

HR training in Nagpur at OSKITSOLUTIONS

OSKITSOLUTIONS provides the best HR training in Nagpur. By HR Training we don’t mean theoretical knowledge about the subject, we offer HR certification course which is purely practical based course in which you will learn the core responsibilities of HR. There are many Hr courses in Nagpur that are available but none of them will provide you LIVE training. OSKITSOLUTIONS is the only institute that not only provides HR certification and HR practical Training, but we also give you the HR course with placements facility.

OSKITSOLUTIONS gives you a lot of exposure to the current knowledge, techniques and practices of HR skills. We teach you the essence that is required to be a successful HR of any organization. OSKITSOLUTIONS is into the market of recruitment, be it IT or Non IT since a very long time. We share the LIVE experiences of the profession and the challenges you will face in future. This course will help you prepare yourself in a way that you are ready to handle any role under the Human Resource Management responsibilities.

OSKITSOLUTIONS provide HR courses in Nagpur with placement facility which will help you get a job and build your career in the corporate world of HR. We have a history of 100% placement assistance in the current market and also the quality of teaching is best. Our trainers hold a good experience in the corporate and they share this industry knowledge with students so it benefits them in their jobs. Training will be provided to you on LIVE job portals like Naukri, Monster, Indeed, Times and other responsibilities like payroll management and employee engagement programs will be a part of the course.

Who can do this Course?
Any Graduates
Any Post Graduates
Any Diploma holder who aspires to make their career into HR

45 Days

Career Opportunities:
HR Executive
HR Manager
HR Generalist
Public Relation Manager
Employee Relation Manager
Placement Executive
Placement Manager
IT Recruiter
Non IT Recruiter
Payroll Management

OSKITSOLUTIONS provides the best HR training in Nagpur. In our HR Certification course we offer HR training classes in Nagpur. It is completely based on practical knowledge in which you will learn the core roles and responsibilities of an HR. OSKITSOLUTIONS will give you a lot of exposure to the latest techniques and practices of Human Resource Skills. We will train you in a way which is required to successfully manage HR responsibilities. This practical HR training will help you to be ready to manage any role in HR domain. Our trainers have good experience in corporate and they share their industry knowledge with students which further help them in their job.

Tuesday, 5 March 2019

SEO Training Courses

SEO Training Courses

What Is SEO?
SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” It is the procedure of gaining traffic from the “free,” “organic,” “editorial” or “natural” search results on search engines. SEO is the working practice of optimizing a web site by improving internal and external aspects in order to increase the traffic the site receives from search engines.

SEO Courses

SEO- search engine optimization that gives to raise an online traffic while making respective products and services familiarize around the globe. In this new era of high technological world, many of several latest and modernize seo topologies have been introduced to the corporate world. This advancement makes us to launch seo courses with the updated content curriculum from where students can benefit from the same.
SEO, one of the emerging and job oriented courses that demands by all most every type of corporate houses, make the students keen to enroll with Seo Coursesin Nagpur India. Here we as brand of web solutions, bring every aspect of Seo Training in Nagpur. Our seo experts and internet marketing analysts will shape our students ready to handle independent seo projects in the corporate market.

SEO Training Courses
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Training facilitates to learner how to make your site more visible to Search Engines Result Pages SERP's. SEO training is not just teach you something that create your site visible on Search Engines but it is all about to optimize site on first page of search engines.
1.       On Page Optimization
2.       OFF Page Optimization

SEO On Page Optimization Course
SEO on-page provides the student learning about how to plan and implement on page seo strategies while targeting the respective keywords. Here students will gain how to play with content optimization and how to make coding search engine friendly. Here, our seo on-page expert will guide our students how to work with varied coding techniques as well as Robots.txt, creating sitemap, filling Meta tags, keyword proximity, prominence and density under content and many more.
OSKITSOLUTIONS on page optimization course includes:
1.       Search Engine Optimization Strategy
2.       Website Analysis
3.       Competitive Analysis
4.       Search Engine Optimization Strategy
5.       Competitive Analysis
6.       Keyword Research
7.       Keyword Finalize
8.       Website Structure Optimization
9.       Content Optimization
10.   URL Mode Rewrite
11.   HTML code optimization
12.   W3C Validation
13.   Meta tag creation & optimization
14.   HTML Sitemap creation & optimization
15.   Google XML Sitemap Creation & regular optimization
16.   Robots.txt creation & optimization
17.   Google Analytics Setup & Monitoring
18.   On-Page Optimization Report

SEO Off Page Optimization Course
Here under seo off-page contents, our seo experts will make the students familiar about how to promote your products and services mean how to rank your respective keywords while using varied topologies under seo off-page optimization. This seo off page optimization course will take our students with every best aspect of social marketing while making distinct accounts in blogs, articles, classified, social bookmarking, content sharing and many more.
OSKITSOLUTIONS Off page optimization course includes:
1.       Link Building (Relevant and Manual)
2.       Manual Search Engine Submission
3.       Manual Relevant Directory Submission
4.       Local  Directory Submission
5.       Link Exchange (One Way )
6.       Article Submission (per article)
7.       Blog Creation, updating and promotion
8.       Blog Submission
9.       Blogs Targeted For Links
10.   Forum posting
11.   Classified ads Creation & Posting
12.   Bookmarking Comments
13.   Link wheel
14.   Landing Page Optimization

SEO Training:
Learn the art of traffic generation that enables you to become a trained SEO professional. Being a SEO Professional, you will be capable to help clients in getting top-spots in search engines like Google for their products/services. Wherever you go as search engine optimizer, you can say proudly that you are smart search engine optimizer from SEO world of OSKITSOLUTIONS.

SEO Training for Career Growth:
These days most of the companies are appoint more and more SEO experts and Digital Marketing experts. Companies are offering individuals should have good knowledge and experience in this field. So, there is high requirement and lot of career and job opportunities in this domain. As this is booming industry so selecting a career path in this direction will be right option for an individual. SEO experts with an experience of 2-3 years are paid extra as compared to the profile of similar kind of job nature. Due to high boom of Internet Marketing most of the companies are investing a lot to improve their online presence.

SEO Training for Business Development:
Basically, the websites which come in top positions in Search Engine Result Page (SERP) usually gain maximum clicks and impressions so there results significant increase in traffic of website. SEO usually targets those users who look for products and services online. Once a website is ranked on search engine than thousand of free hits are automatically received. Thus SEO is very cost effective marketing strategy. SEO benefits for business development are endless. It is the good marketing investment that a business owner can make. It leads maximum traffic, leads and there by maximum sales. Most of the companies are increasing their business by significantly investing on it. If you want to streamline your business operation and lead high revenue without any other form of push advertising then SEO marketing strategy is best. As company brand is the strongest asset. So increasing the brand of the company is considered as first concern in any business.

OSKITSOLUTIONS has specialization in Search engine optimization with PCSEMO (Professional Certified Search Engine Marketing Optimizer) course. OSKITSOLUTIONS World in the internet market industry, gives online marketing training courses to the ones who are focused in gaining highly professional knowledge allied to internet marketing. We are keen on search engine optimization with training courses for SEO (search engine optimization), SEM (search engine marketing), SMO (social media optimization), SMM (Social Media Marketing, Face Book and Twitter Marketing) and Internet Marketing (PPC Ad words).
Our Certified courses are considered especially for the people who have basic knowledge of computers and websites, and want to learn SEO process to become SEO and PPC Expert. This course covers a large range of topics that helps in making your carrier in the field of SEO/SEM/PPC.
The course expands clear understanding of workings strategies of search engines and SEO skills that ensures a bright future in field of Digital marketing.

OSK IT SOLUTIONS is one of the best SEO Company in Nagpur specializing in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). OSK IT SOLUTIONS is a quality and result oriented SEO Company in Nagpur helping our clients to properly project their brand and generate targeted traffic and revenue.

Seo training in Nagpur

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Certification Training in Nagpur SEO training in Nagpur from OSKITSOLUTIONS will help you to...