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E-commerce web design trends in 2022

Scrolling – parallax Micro animations are the small motion is the tie together elements of an interface or design on the website. Parallax helps your website to trans from is from a simple 2-D background into an interactive elements. But keeping that in mind, it is important to know how much animation to put in the scrolling or on other elements because extensive scrolling animations can of an overwhelming user. It is also important to doublecheck the animations on all kinds of devices, so that the functionality doesn’t reduce when a person opens the website on their mobile phone . Here at OSK IT Solutions we provide Web Designing Services . Frosted glass effect The frosted glass effect is ideal for making text and images readable and stand out. Frosted glass effects give an idea that the text is with reference to the image, but since many images have higher or lower contrast, the frosted glass effect can make it easier for people to read and also give quite a regal look to it 3