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Email Marketing Tips & Examples

1. Make use of a tactic called "double openings." More people will open your emails if you employ the "double opens method." This increases the possibility that these email marketing initiatives will generate more money. You should resend the identical email to the subscribers who did not open your first email, but with a different subject line. Why? If you send an email to 100 people, just 70 of them will open it the first time. In order to increase your open rates and return on investment from email marketing, you can resend the same email to those who did not initially engage with it. Be mindful of the following before you hit "resend" on the same emails: Write more compelling subject lines that will get your emails opened by people who normally wouldn't. Make sure your preheader text is optimised. Take note of the time you send. Do not immediately resend it; give it some time to settle. Wait at least three to five days before se