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5 SEO mistakes to avoid

Mistake #1: Overusing Keywords in Content In 2022, keywords will still be crucial to ranking, but employing them excessively may damage your position. The frequency (given as a percentage) at which your chosen term or phrase appears in your text is known as keyword density. Although Google has never said what the "optimal" density should be, most experts agree that it shouldn't be more than 2 % So, if you still have a tendency to fill your articles and blogs with keywords you want to rank for, it's time to quit. Instead, write naturally with the goal of giving readers the best possible experience. Mistake #2: A sluggish website In today's world, having a slow website can be quite detrimental to your SEO. This is due to the fact that the majority of users prefer quick responses. Google is conscious of this and takes website speed into account when determining a website's rating. Crawlers that search through your website can quickly pick up on this. Cr