5 SEO mistakes to avoid

Mistake #1: Overusing Keywords in Content

In 2022, keywords will still be crucial to ranking, but employing them excessively may damage your position.

The frequency (given as a percentage) at which your chosen term or phrase appears in your text is known as keyword density. Although Google has never said what the "optimal" density should be, most experts agree that it shouldn't be more than 2 %

So, if you still have a tendency to fill your articles and blogs with keywords you want to rank for, it's time to quit. Instead, write naturally with the goal of giving readers the best possible experience.

Mistake #2: A sluggish website

In today's world, having a slow website can be quite detrimental to your SEO. This is due to the fact that the majority of users prefer quick responses. Google is conscious of this and takes website speed into account when determining a website's rating. Crawlers that search through your website can quickly pick up on this. Crawlers from search engines will take longer to crawl your website if it loads slowly. There are many techniques to speed up your website, including lowering the amount of HTML and CSS code as well as the size of your images.

You must realise that when visitors click on your page, it is because they found you at the top of the SERP. The annoyance of a delayed page load, however, would be a simple bummer, as 37% of visitors would quit your page after 5 seconds. Therefore, if your sites are consistently slow to load, you will notice that your conversion rate has decreased by 7%, and when you lose that much, you can be sure that you will lose a lot more money.

Mistake #3: Poor Content

How often have you clicked away from a website because it had well-written information on a subject you were interested in? Anyone reading this right now would be able to guess the answer to that question. One of the SEO killers is poor content, which, if not carefully verified, can cause a webpage's ranking in SERPs to drop. We therefore suggest that you deliver A-list content as part of your duties as an SEO marketer.

However, the majority of people do not realise the importance of generating high-quality content for websites.

As long as you conduct the necessary research and study, creating excellent content shouldn't be a herculean endeavour. Google would be your first constraint, nonetheless, if you did not ensure quality material. This mostly happens because Google prioritises the length of your content and how effectively it responds to the visitors' search query when ranking results. Info graphics, for example, add visual appeal to text and are a crucial component of well-written articles.

#Mistake 4 No proper mobile friendly website

The basic standards for operating a website in 2022 will be mobile-responsive websites. The need for the website to be mobile responsive is an absolute necessity considering that around 50% of web traffic comes from mobile devices.

However, many websites have failed to see the value of mobile-friendly websites and as a result experience decreased traffic. To provide users with a positive experience, a website that is mobile-responsive will dynamically scale text and graphics in the appropriate ratios based on the device.

Without mobile responsive features, the elements might not be proportioned properly, making them difficult to read and causing mobile traffic to exit the website without engaging with anything.

Mistake #5: Duplicating content

With e-commerce companies selling comparable products with precisely the same product descriptions, duplicate content pages are a very regular issue. Luckily, it can be fixed. 301 redirects from the duplicate pages to the original pages can be put up. Another choice is to use the content="noindex, follow" Meta robots tag or the rel=canonical attribute on each page you want to keep out of Google's index. The ideal answer depends on your objectives.

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