Friday, 6 May 2016

Core JAVA with Android Development classes

Syllabus: Android Development Duration: 2months Activities, Content Providers, Intents, Services, Storage, Network, Multimedia, GPS, Phone services, XML Layouts, Widgets, Permissions, Sensor Manager, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, SQLite, RSS, Threads, Animation, Refresh handler, JSON, Game Engine, Full game, Animated 2D Games, Google Play Store and a lot more. Anatomy of an Android Application: ● Creating a new Android Application, ● The Android project structure, ● Activities, ● User interface – the basics, ● Tying it all together, Android support within Eclipse, ● The Android perspective, ● Emulator, ● Delvik Debug Monitoring Service, User Interfaces – a closer look, ● Simple Toasts, ● Standard view layouts:, ● Basic widgets:,● Formatting: Dips and SPS, ● Context menu and alert text, ● General UI strategies for mobile devices, Persistent storage in Android:● Database support,● File I/O,● Serialization,● Preferences Activity Lifecycle, ● Programming in the mobile environment, ● Activity lifecycle phases,● Example application Beyond simple applications, ● Writing multi Activity applications, ● Communication between Activities, ● Activities without interfaces, Testing on Real Devices,● Deploying an Android application on physical device,● Example illustration Trainings on 2 Live Projects. Classes only on Saturday and Sunday (2-3 hr every day) Who should join: BE, BTech, MCA and know programming in any language like C, C++ or Java is ideal. Prices will increase in the next batch. Installments options available. Special Discount. (Register before 10th May).

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