IT Training Company In Nagpur

The OSK IT Solutions, provides technical training and certification in IT Training, HR Training, Web Designing and SEO Training.We facilitate and deliver  technical training and certification courses to suit your business. With rapid expansion of the IT sector and severe consolidation resulting in the rise of new IT players, the need for human resource development has increased significantly.
According to a recent Human Behavioral Representation  report, there is a direct link between the training investment of companies and market capitalization. Companies with a higher training investment have a higher market capitalization.
OSK IT SOLUTIONS have  experience in developing and delivering training and development solutions for the following areas:
•    Web Designing
•    .Net Technology
•     Php Technology
•     SEO Training
•     HR Recruitment
•     Mobile App Training

At OSK IT Solutions  Target new IT and business skills or prepare for top certifications with our huge portfolio of courses delivered on your schedule anywhere in India.Work with our consultants to analyze your needs, identify skills gaps, tailor solutions and implement training to transform your workforce and reach your strategic goals.We empowers students to achieve their personal and professional goals. Ninety-five percent of our students are satisfied with their learning experience, applying new skills, methodologies and best practices at their organization.
OSK IT Solutions has design various IT related Training for Students according to requirements of the colleges, but also learn how a project can be executed in a software development environment.Students are passing graduates or post graduates every year in IT,CS,ETC field! Less than 20% of them get real IT jobs. The others either have not employable skill thus they have to satisfied with less paying jobs in other sectors which are almost insecure jobs or they have to switch field altogether. It is the reality of our current education system because there is a vast difference between college classroom and real professional world of corporate sector.

We are happy to successfully trained hundreds on College students to become professional developer and placed them in different- different positions through us.We have various types of Courses available at our training and development center at OSK IT Solutions Laxmi Nagar Nagpur.After successfully completion of the Training, we also offer jobs to brilliant candidates, to various our Client Company.


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