The gigantic web world is crammed by more than 1.8 billion websites and the number is all set to rise exponentially. But Why? No business can thrive without an online presence. If you dream to grow your business by manifolds, not just the online presence but standing out among your peers is very much essential. A study says that less than 200 million websites are truly active. If you want to promote or expand your business and expect your website to be one among the top listed, you need to have an out of the box thinking and follow the latest web development trends. To rate your website as top notch, follow these website development norms which are here to rule in 2019 and even beyond.

    1.Mobile/ Tab Responsive Site
We at OSKIT solutions are committed to include mobile concerns while developing a web development strategy. People in general prefer mobile devices or tabs more than the archetypal desktops to access web. The websites which later modify to mobile compatibility fail to create the desired impact as compared to the mobile- first websites. The page views significantly rely on mobile website which eventually determines overall growth in your clientele. OSK IT Consultant is offering a website development course which is very important in today's time. Website development training in Nagpur is availabel at OSK

    2.Content is the King!
    Quality of your content tops the chart! We at OSKIT solutions can build your brand and attract the right audience by generating a strong content for your website. Web developers need to brain storm for choosing the right SEO strategy but if the content is irrelevant, all strategies are waste. It is essential to create unique, fresh and captivating content as Google prefers only high quality content to rank among top in the SERPs.

    3.Latest WordPress Compatibility
No matter what your budget is, we have a plan to suit your taste and pocket to provide you with the latest WordPress compatible website. So, you can kick start your business idea with a great blog or a portfolio or a business website, anything that you can imagine. We can create a responsive and a flexible website for you to mark your impactful online presence to provide any service or consultation or to sell your products online.

    1.Cross Browser Compatibility
Websites need to be developed in a way that they seamlessly integrate and give a smooth user performance whatever be the browser and the version that the user is using. We can assure you a robust and efficient cross browser compatibility such that whatever be the browser, your website will be read and perceived the way we intend to!

    2.Intuitive, flexible and responsive layout
All technicalities can go in waste if user finds it difficult to navigate through your website or if it is too complex to handle. A flexible and a responsive layout is must to provide a seamless user experience. More the user finds it easy to glide through your website, greater will be the spent time and thus higher will be your website ranking. OSK also offers training in Digital marketing in Nagpur.

Digital marketing in Nagpur

    3.Page loading Speed
Page loading speed is critical for SEO which in turn will define your website demand and ranking. A recent statistic shows that half of the mobile users abandon the website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load the page. It is important to make sure that your website loads fast not just on the mobile but even on the desktop. We take into account progressive JPEGs, appropriate PNGs and optimize all possible files and use best possible photo management software to fasten the page load.
A research report by New Voice Media holds poor customer service responsible for the loss of $ 62 Million every year faced by the US companies.
Chatbots have proved to be effective in providing customer care assistance with 24* 7 availability and quick response.
We can implement Chatbots to eliminate the need for full time customer care executive by being more efficient and saves the cost incurred in man power. OSK is also give training in Website designing in nagpur

Website designing in nagpur

    1.Push Notifications
Push Notifications are one of the most efficient ways to keep your online audience engaged. We use them judiciously and not overuse them to an extent that the audience gets irritated and leaves the website. We utilize push notifications to promote latest company schemes, special discounts or any activities that will seem to be most beneficial to the consumer.
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