How to develop a social media strategy that drives brand awareness and ROI

Whether you’re selling a product or a service, you definitely know by now that you need social media in order to increase brand awareness. Social media strategies that not only get you brand awareness but also give you return on investment. We may spend thousands of bucks on posting paid ads, but if all that is done without a strategy then it’s hardly of any use. But at OSK, one of the best Digital marketing company in Nagpur we believe in catering to each client according to their market and the founder of the company Mrs. Alka Thakur definitely believes in and caters to each client in developing effective brand strategies.

Here are a few ways in which you can develop social media strategy to drive brand awareness and get return on investment as well:-

1.       Know your target audience

The first step to developing any kind of strategy is to know your target audience. There are thousands of different categories of people on social media and you want to target your ads and your social media posts to those few who would really convert into potential clients. And in order to do that, Mrs. Alka Thakur helps the clients with her expertise in helping the clients identify their exact target audience on social media and then helps them develop the ways in which we can cater to that specific target audience.

Second part to this step is also to do ample of research about anything and everything related to your product and service category, right from your competitors to other newbies in the market who have similar products of services and only then can you device appropriate strategies to proceed with your marketing plan.


2.       Create engaging content

The second and most important step would be to create the kind of content that your target audience would not just be interested in seeing but would also be attracted to. The kind of content you create determines your existing clientele as well as helps in attracting new set of customers. At OSK, our Social media marketing company Nagpur work very hard round the clock to help the clients create the best kind of content for their social medias.


3.       Interact with your followers

Your followers may either be existing customers or potential client who are curious about your brand, either way the best way to get return on investment from all that you have spent on marketing your brand on social media, would be to interact with your followers, not just to retain them but also to keep them engaged as well as know their feedbacks for the betterment of your products and services. In this century, where customer is the king, it is important to know just the things that the customer wants and needs. Hosting regular giveaways, contests and other engaging activities will help your customers in relating to you on a brand level as the brand would now benefit them for more than just the product or a service.


4.       Use separate content strategy for different social media platforms

By now we all know that there are certain different groups of people who have taken over different social media platforms and in order to target them, you would need different social media strategies for each platform. If you’re posting young generation’s content on facebook, which is now being commonly used by Gen x and boomers, then the result would obviously not be as effective. Mrs. Alka has always kept it a habit to device different social media strategies for each client for their different social media presence, and that has greatly benefitted the clients that we cater to.


5.       Stick to your brand theme

Each brand has a theme that they have created in the very beginning, which goes onto become their identity eventually. But for it to become their identity, they need to be consistent with their theme and let the clients associate your brand with that particular theme. Only when the customer is able to retain and remember little but important details about your brand, are they more likely to stay or come back. By creating a particular colour palette feed on Instagram, or using similar template for posts makes the customer relate to them and hence increases the level of brand awareness among the customers, ultimately increasing their ROI.




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