SEO Link Building: Why it’s Important

One of the very important parameters for Google to rank your website in the search results is by determining how well link building done on your website. As a top Digital Marketing Company in Nagpur, we are aware that when combined with other proper SEO methods, link building is highly effective in getting more organic traffic to your website from search engines.

The strategy of getting links from pages of other websites to your own website is called link building. It is like another website is referring to your website as a means for getting quality information on a particular topic.

For example, if there is a reputed blog site that reviews the latest mobile phones on a regular basis and you own a website that sells genuine mobile phones. Now, this blog site can put a link to your website for users who are interested in buying genuine mobile phones. It is like someone handing over your business card and recommending you to potential customers.

The first and foremost reason why SEO link building is important is that it gives you a better ranking on Google.

Every time, a relevant quality link is earned by your website, you get more points to go up the ranks of the Google search engine. Trusted and influential websites tend to be seen in the top results of searches. However, you cannot just create links between any two websites. Google places value to links on the basis of the relevance, context and quality of the link generated from one website to another.

Link building also helps to:

Build relationships

As part of link-building strategies, relevant websites, blogs etc. that are related to your business is often reached out to, which helps in building long term relationships with important people in your field of work. These relationships can enhance your networking capabilities and also increase contact with important people in your circles which is very valuable for your growth.

Get good quality referral traffic

Link-building with popular websites relevant to your business can result in a traffic increase to your website. Thus your reach among your potential customers keeps growing.

Have more sales opportunities

When you reach out to more potential customers through links from relevant websites, you get more opportunities to sell your products and services and generate more revenue.

Build up your credibility and reputation

Think of a person whose opinion you trust and value. Now, if that person recommends you to visit a particular shop of your interest, wouldn’t you be inclined to visit the shop because the person said so?

Similarly, when a trusted website recommends their users to check out your website by adding a link to your website, the users are more likely to value their recommendation as well as perceive your website to be good and useful. Thus, more the links from trusted, high ranking websites, the higher is your credibility and reputation.

Lower bounce rates

Bounce rate refers to the number of users who click on a page of your website and leave within a few seconds without performing any actions versus the total number of users visiting your website. These actions could be browsing the website for a certain time period, buying, filling up forms, going to another link etc. For example, when a user lands on your homepage and go back or closes the browser within a few seconds, they contribute to the bounce rate.

Bounce rate does not directly affect your ranking on Google. But it can indicate other problems that affect your Google ranking such as broken links, poor targeting etc. Hence, good SEO link-building will result in lower bounce rates which are beneficial for your business.

Generate more income

Using appropriate SEO link-building, you can get more and more traffic to your website. This means that without having the need to be continually and directly be involved, you can boost your income.

Growth in email subscribers and social media followers

This is an interesting yet, less talked about use of link-building. When you want your customers to engage with your products or services regularly, you can add links to your own website and gain loyal customers. For example, if you are selling garments through your website, you can give your customers options to subscribe to your email newsletter, your YouTube channel, or Instagram channel to know the latest trends in garments and fashion. This is an effective and easy way to promote your brand and increase loyalty amongst users.

With so many benefits seen, there should be no scope of your website missing out. We, being the Best SEO Company in Nagpur can guide and provide you with proper SEO link-building methods as well as provide all kinds of Digital Marketing Services in Nagpur. To know more, get connected us on: +91-7999275581 | +91-9960680445 or Visit our Website -















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