Why Branding is Necessary


Why should someone choose your product/service? What can make it different from those of your competitors? The answer is simple – branding. Branding means an image or personality of a company, business, product or service that has a distinct identity of its own and can be easily recognised by both current and potential customers. As a leader in Digital Marketing services in Nagpur we share our expertise on branding and why is it necessary.

How your customers perceive your company or product depends on your brand. You have to develop your unique personality, right from the way it looks, to its values, mission and vision. Your brand is about what your company is all about and branding is the method used to establish your brand. Everything from your company name, your company logo and website, the way you communicate about your product/service etc. plays important roles to create your unique personality. Branding is necessary for the reasons given below:

Get more recognition

Being more popular and getting recognised by your customers and industry is every company’s wish, and this can be done through branding. The greater the recognition, the easier it is for people to trust your company and choose your product/service. Recognition is a key factor for a successful business and changing yourself from ‘just a company’ to being ‘a brand’ will help you in achieving that faster. A higher brand recognition is associated with a higher top-of-the-mind recall. A good example of this is Bisleri. In India, whenever someone wants bottled water, they ask for ‘Bisleri’ instantly as that’s the very first brand that they think of and recognise. It has created such a strong brand presence and recognition that the word ‘bottled water’ is replaced by ‘Bisleri’ in the consumer’s mind.

Customer loyalty

Branding does not end once you complete a sale. Efficient branding makes sure that your business has an ongoing relationship with your customers so that anytime they require a product/service that you provide, they come to you. If these customers like what they get from you, they have the potential to become your loyal customers in the long run. These loyal customers could become your brand ambassadors who can then refer your business to others and promote your brand further. So, if you keep increasing your loyal customer base with good branding, you can attract more customers with more ease. For example, if you always buy handloom sarees from Fabindia, you will recommend Fabindia if someone asks for your suggestions while shopping.

Credibility and trust

Once your company is seen as a recognised, reputed brand, its credibility increases drastically both amongst your customers as well as within your industry. Trusted, credible brands are not only more profitable but also more resilient. During times of economic hardships or crisis, customers’ first choice will always be to support brands they can trust and rely on. This directly impacts positively on the competitive advantage you get over your competitors.

Stand out from the crowd

There could be several companies that offer similar products/services as you do. So, to stand out from the crowd and get noticed by a potential customer, you will need a unique identity. Branding allows you to build a unique identity. This helps customers to make a difference between you and others and choose your product/service over your competitors. You need to effectively convey the benefits of using your product/service over that of your competitors. For example, take iPhone as a brand. iPhone has attained such a status due to its excellent branding, that even though its products are considered expensive in the mobile industry, people are willing to pay for them.  


Build a community

When you have a set of loyal consumers who are your brand ambassadors, you will find it easier to introduce new products/services. Your loyal consumers would already be increasing your brand awareness through word-of-mouth on social media like posting pictures, giving positive opinions and recommendations etc. This would have more weightage than normally paid advertisements. Thus branding helps in building a brand community that not only raises excitement and anticipation about your new products/services but also contributes towards increasing brand credibility through organic reach. For example, any new Apple product creates a lot of interest due to the large base of loyal customers it has for iPhone.

Reduce company expenditure

Having a large and engaged community who are self-motivated to promote your products/services reduces costs and efforts to increase your sales. Also, people are naturally inclined to work with reputed brands. When you develop strong branding, you will get good employees with more ease and you will have to spend less on recruitment activities. Consequently, your overall expenditure comes down too.

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